Empower And Embrace Women's Health With Votiva

Historically, the discussion of aesthetic and medical vaginal concerns has been labelled as a societal taboo. This stigma has led to a lack of efficient treatments for women; from tissue remodelling to fat coagulation, quality vaginal procedures can be difficult to come by. At InMode, we are committed to opening up a dialogue surrounding the intimate concerns of women, reclaiming and empowering feminine health care in the process.

As a woman, finding a safe space to treat any and all private health concerns safely and effectively is top priority. Being an innovative, all-in-one workstation, Votiva provides the complete solution for feminine care. 

Utilising advanced radiofrequency energy to gently deliver therapeutic heat, Votiva targets both internal and external vaginal tissue. The workstation has three, advanced, technologies – FormaV, Aviva and Morpheus8 – all of which are specifically designed for different concerns.


The first technology on the Votiva workstation is FormaV. It is best suited for women seeking effective treatment of sexual dysfunction, pain relief and muscle toning. The device works by delivering uniform, volumetric deep heating – paired with real-time control of surface temperature – to efficiently treat sexual dysfunction, temporarily relieve minor muscle pain and spasms, increase localised blood circulation and remodel tissue. For women wishing to tighten their pelvic floor and improve muscle tone, this technology is best paired with Kegel exercises. 


Votiva’s second technology is Aviva, which is ideal for women seeking aesthetic vaginal enhancements as well as function restoration. Delivering uniform energy to the vagina’s entire soft tissue matrix, Aviva employs precision, temperature control and accuracy to restore vaginal function and appearance in less than twenty minutes and under local anaesthesia. This treatment is particularly beneficial for women wanting the results of a labiaplasty without the need for any excisions. With minimal invasion required, Aviva offers your patients natural results, with less downtime and minimal-to-no scarring. 


The final technology on the workstation is Morpheus8. For women seeking vaginal remodelling and anti-aging, this technology is the best and only of its kind. Morpheus8 utilises advanced RF micro-needling technology to target deep layers of your patients’ skin and remodel their collagen, effectively morphing and contouring aging skin. More specifically, the technology works to resurface the external vulvar and labia tissues, improve texture and correct hyperpigmentation for overall genitalia aesthetics. The triple action of fat coagulation, connective tissue contraction and bulk heating provides patients with a “minimal to no downtime with maximum-results” oriented procedure.

By incorporating Votiva into your clinic, you are offering a clinically proven, innovative and versatile solution for all your female patients. The advanced, all-in-one nature of the workstation means that women can seek comfort in the knowledge that any and all of their intimate health needs can be comprehensively treated in the one, safe place. What’s more, you will be able to offer complementary procedures to your current patients, while at the same time attracting a broader patient base.

Votiva allows you to Empower and Embrace feminine health care. With InMode, you can take the taboo out of women’s health by providing your female patients with comprehensive, minimally and non-invasive treatments specifically designed for intimate  feminine health and wellness.

Reclaim your patients’ confidence with Votiva. Discover the complete solution to feminine care here.

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