Evoke and Evolve – Better Together

Evolve your remodelling solutions to Evoke a positive patient response with InMode’s perfect pair.

When it comes to remodelling, patients often seek comprehensive procedures that treat all of their skin concerns. Whether it be the face or body, our advanced, hands-free Evoke and Evolve remodelling workstations harness bipolar RF and EMS technology to address your patient’s body concerns.

Whilst Evolve targets the body in terms of fat and cellulite reduction, Evoke works to remodel specific facial concerns. Each workstation has been expertly configured with advanced technologies designed for specific body parts.


Body contouring is an extremely popular procedure amongst patients. Often, contouring treatments such as fat and cellulite reduction, skin-tightening and muscle strength and toning can be invasive and arduous. With Evolve, your patients can achieve their ideal body completely non-invasively with the best in 3D body contouring. Whether it be arms, chest, abdomen, love handles, axilla, back, knees or thighs, Evolve’s three advanced technologies – Trim, Tite and Tone – target different bodily concerns in a comprehensive manner. 

For patients seeking skilled cellulite reduction, Trim triggers advanced fat apoptosis through six, hands-free, non-invasive applications which utilise suction bi-polar RF heating.

Alternatively, for patients wishing to tighten their skin, Tite harnesses RF energy to remodel loose skin. No matter the type, Tite can be customised to treat any of your patient’s skin concerns.

Finally, for those seeking muscle strengthening and toning, Tone emits precise electrical impulses to effectively stimulate involuntary muscle contractions, in turn, toning and tightening the treated area.

Together, these technologies provide the leading, hands-free, solution for all your patient’s fat, cellulite and skin tightening concerns.


Comparably to body contouring, the demand for facial remodelling is high among many patients. Aesthetically, a defined and lifted facial structure is favoured, particularly in areas such as the cheeks, jowls, chin and jawline. With Evoke’s revolutionary Face and Chin technologies, your patients can receive the latest and most-advanced, non-surgical, facial remodelling available.

For patients seeking advanced remodelling of their cheeks, Evoke Face is the ideal technology. Not only do the built-in audible indicators provide patients with real-time updates of the treatment progress, the integrated patient call button allows treatment to be paused for on-the-spot adjustments to be made, ensuring that both parties are comfortable with the results.

Comparably, for patients seeking chin and jawline restructuring, the Evoke Chin technology should be favoured. Effectively configured with colour-blind RF technology, Evoke Chin is suitable for all of your patients, no matter their skin type.

Together, Evoke Face and Chin provide your patients with the most advanced non-invasive, hands-free facial remodelling in the aesthetics industry. 

Why they are Better Together

While both workstations are designed for different patient needs, when employed together, Evoke and Evolve provide your patients with the most comprehensive, head-to-toe, remodelling solution available. From fat and cellulite reduction to jawline definition, every precise skin concern can be effectively treated with both systems’ advanced configurations, specifically designed to remodel the face and body.

What’s more, the intersection of benefits when it comes to both workstations proves all-inclusive and innovative, further setting the technologies apart from others in the industry. With no consumables, you can be assured of the longevity of your treatments. Additionally, the variety of technologies means that the need for multiple, stand-alone devices is eliminated; you can access all of your treatment needs in the one place, as well as treat multiple areas simultaneously.

Evolve and Evoke: Better Together, provide your patients with the total body remodelling solution with InMode. Contact us today.

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