Improve Women’s Health and Wellness with InMode

In more recent years, an increasing number of women are willing to reach out and discuss their own intimate health, with this comes a rising need for solutions that address their concerns in the most efficient manner. InMode’s all-in-one workstation for women’s health, Votiva, allows clinics to expand their treatment offering and optimise patient inclusivity.

Votiva utilises non-invasive and minimally invasive methods through key technologies such as, FormaV, Morpheus8 and Aviva to treat vaginal changes derived from ageing and childbirth. Harnessing advanced radiofrequency energy to gently deliver therapeutic heat to the targeted internal and external vaginal tissue, Votiva helps women restore their confidence and inner wellness.


FormaV is a therapeutic device that provides uniform volumetric deep heating with real-time temperature control for a safe solution to delicate tissue remodelling. The versatility of FormaV allows you to provide customised treatments for patients experiencing changes as a result of ageing, hormonal adjustments or physical damage. With the power of Votiva, FormaV provides a solution to sexual dysfunction with temporary relief of minor muscle pain, muscle spasm and an increase in localised blood circulation.


Powered by Accutite, Aviva is the minimally invasive, solution to vaginal rejuvenation. Aviva delivers uniform heat to the entire soft tissue matrix of the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood, vaginal introitus, and perineal body, with extensive safety measures to reduce the risk of thermal injury to the surrounding tissue. Aviva offers women natural results with less downtime and minimal to no scarring. This procedure is completed under local anaesthesia, in an office setting and in less than 20 minutes – innovation at its finest.


Morpheus8 is a RF Microneedling technology device which promotes electrocoagulation in dermatologic and general surgical procedures. Delivering RF energy through the pin electrodes to encourage localised heating and coagulation of the tissue that is in direct contact with the pins, Morpheus8 is able to remodel while providing faster healing.

Contact us today and provide your female patients with a minimally invasive, all-in-one solution to intimate health and wellness without the scars or downtime associated with excisional surgery.

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