No two patients are the same. So why should your treatments be?

Evolve X

The past few years have had a dramatic change for aesthetic clinics and practices. 

Patients have high expectations. They want full-body transformations including fat reduction, muscle toning and skin tightening. On top of this, they want a non-surgical solution that is quick, painless and discrete. 

Lock-downs and isolation have also grown the demand for body sculpting treatments that will help speed up the results of fitness transformations. Most notably from the growing number of male and younger patients. 

With no two patients the same it can be difficult for clinics to keep up with the diverse number of body types and treatments requested. 

At InMode we saw this as an opportunity for a new cutting edge solution. A technology that is suitable for all body types, can treat multiple areas and customisable treatments… Evolve X!

Top 8 benefits of Evolve X for your patients

Evolve X Total Body Transformation

Evolve X is a hands-free, body sculpting and muscle toning treatment for a total body transformation. Evolve X can help with the diverse needs of your patients such as:

1. Skin Appearance

Evolve Tite improves skin's appearance by eliminating fine lines, cellulite, wrinkles, and deep fatty tissues. A perfect tool for those who wish to turn back the hands of time.

2. Tone Body

Evolve Tone enhances the shape and tone of the body by increasing muscle strength and sculpting the muscles. Ideal for patients who are seeking a body sculpting solution.

3. Body Transformation

Evolve Transformation combines the technology of both Evolve Tite and Evolve Tone to improve tone, shape and appearance in one treatment. With ongoing isolation periods, many patients are seeking body transformation technology to speed up fitness transformation results.

4. No Downtime

Evolve X requires no anesthesia, is non-invasive, leaves no scars and has no downtime. Meaning your patients can discreetly get their treatments and return to regular activities immediately!

5. Treat multiple treatments at once! 

Gone are the days of patients needing to come in for multiple sessions for each body part.

Save time by treating multiple areas

6. Customised treatment all from one workstation

    Patients save time and money by getting a customised treatment with only one machine.

    7. Safe and comfortable. 

    Patients will get the sensation of a hot stone massage and muscle contractions during the treatment. With a Patient Call Button to allow them to pause the treatment and request adjustments for optimum comfort.

    8. The perfect treatment for fitness transformation.

    The perfect treatment for the growing male and younger patients seeking body sculpting solutions to assist their fitness transformations.. Evolve X allows for a low-cost option that carries no risk and exceptional results. 

    Top 3 benefits of Evolve X for your clinic


    Evolve X is the ultimate hands-free platform, transforming total body contouring and taking it to the next level. Grow your clinic by leading in the body sculpting trend. 

    1. Increase Revenue

      • Hands- Free design and programmable technology allows your practice to allocate time to other patients while Evolve X is in use. 
      • Three technologies in one workstation with no consumables
      • Expand your practice by offering customisable treatments to a broad range of clients such as the growing male market and younger demographic. 

      2. Competitive Edge 

      Evolve X is the only all-in-one system equipped with three clinically proven technologies. InMode is a market leader and innovator that ensures your clinic is at the forefront of non-invasive aesthetic technology

      3. Enhanced Safety 

      • Built-in LCD treatment screen allows you to visually monitor the effects of each applicator at any point of the procedure. 
      • Built-in Patient Call Button to give patients and physicians peace of mind
      • RF energy is automatically adjusted when each applicator senses it has reached the optimal thermal response.
      • RF and MS technology is safe and effective on all skin types

      Read more about the Evolve X workstation and technology


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