Academy Face and Body Sydney specialises in world leading products, procedures and technology to ensure the absolute best aesthetic and lifestyle results for their clients, all delivered from the comfort of their modern medical facilities in Crows Nest, Sydney. 

Academy Face and Body is built upon 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, otolaryngology (ENT) and lifestyle medicine. Their principal Cosmetic Physician, Dr Gavin Scriven (FRACGP), supported by colleagues such as Supervising Surgeon Dr Jayson Oates (FRACS), have dedicated their lives to treating patients with a wide range of aesthetic and lifestyle concerns. From these years of experience and research they have identified a range of equipment, techniques and dermal therapies that deliver maximum results with minimal downtime.



Academy Face & Body Sydney's Medical Director, Dr Gavin Scriven, graduated from University of Notre Dame Sydney in 2011 with Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. After completing a two-year Residency at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Dr Gavin (or “Dr Gav” as he is commonly known), became an Aviation Medical Officer in the Royal Australian Airforce specialising in Aeromedical Evacuation and Aviation Medicine. Dr Gav completed a Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, but his keen interest in Lifestyle and Cosmetic Medicine led him to expand his medical knowledge and training in this area. Dr Gav has now been practicing Cosmetic Medicine for over 6 years, whilst also still working as a GP, and is a member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Gav has also taught hundreds of nurses and doctors in cosmetic injectables and thread lifting as a trainer for leading cosmetic providers and colleges in Australia.  

Dr Gav values the shared journey he has with his clients in addressing their ageing concerns and achieving their aesthetic goals. He believes in an individualised and holistic approach and always seeks to enhance one’s natural features rather than change the way you look. 


Note: Q&A below is paraphrased from a verbal interview InMode conducted with Dr Gavin Scriven 

What is it about InMode you find so unique?

The Embrace RF platform is very unique for the following reasons:

It offers a range of skin tightening/fat remodelling solutions using different Radio-Frequency (RF) delivery systems with different skill sets required – ranging from the dermal therapist level through to Doctor only procedures – all on the same platform. I.E. auto-adjusting RF delivery with Forma – completely non-invasive, gentle treatment for skin on tightening (dermal therapist), Morpheus8 with micro-needling RF at deep and targeted levels requiring more anaesthesia and more experience (nurse/Doctor), through to FaceTite/AccuTite which is a Doctor-only procedure and delivers surgical fat coagulation, skin lifting/tightening and the ability to easily add micro-liposuction after dissolving fat.

Morpheus8 is unique in itself as you can treat at targeted levels between 0.5 to 4mm depending on the area of the face and the effect required eg collagen remodelling /fat remodelling/resurfacing. The energies that can be delivered are high enough to cause significant damage – good in the right hands and requires experience and skill. RF energy can be delivered in stacking mode with insulated needle left at same level within the skin/sub-dermal level.

The mode of RF delivery with insulated needles or cannula allows us to treat all skin types without worrying about certain risks such as PIH. Also means we can treat at much higher energy/heat levels without causing as much down time.

The platform itself is compact, mobile and easy to use interface.

EmbraceRF is a great option for skin tightening and fat remodelling in lower face and neck as well as around the eyes – all these areas are difficult to treat with non-surgical modalities.

How has EmbraceRF benefitted your clinic?

I am able to offer another skin tightening solution now in my practice other than laser, threads or collagen stimulating injectables. There are pros and cons for those other methods and they are not always suitable for every patient and for every concern; whereas I am finding that all my patients are suitable for treatment with Embrace RF.

Almost all of my patients would like more than one skin tightening option that works – and almost all patients hearing about Morpheus8 would like to give it a try.

If used correctly with the right level of anaesthesia, Morpheus8 has been a comfortable treatment with only 1-3 days downtime depending on the strength of treatment delivered. Patients have started noticing results from Morpheus8 from as early as the first 2 weeks post treatment.

Within the first month of receiving our EmbraceRF platform, we were doing 2-3 Mopheus8 treatments a day.

FaceTite and AccuTite are simple procedures using only single entry covering large areas of the face or neck and using only local anaesthesia and maybe some pain relief/anxiolytics if needed.

We are already well setup for these procedures as we are doing thread lifts and using cannulas a lot with dermal fillers, etc.
Non-surgical blepharoplasty is difficult to offer using just ablative lasers due to the risk of damage to the eye and using eye shields etc. and can’t deal with fat bags. Additionally, plasma pen is popular but not that strong and downtime is quite bad-- and this also has a bad name after being used by different levels of practitioners, eg. beauty therapists. AccuTite is a better all-round solution and can be combined with Morpheus8 and other lasers.

Has EmbraceRF changed the way you perceive treatment plans?

I believe it's treating concerns using multiple modalities and combining treatment methods to achieve the best results for my patients.

As EmbraceRF is suitable for almost 100% of my clients, I am adding it to almost every treatment plan for facial and neck rejuvenation.

Lower face heaviness and skin laxity, sub-mental laxity and fullness, and neck laxity and fullness are areas that are difficult to treat with injectables/threads/lasers by themselves. I can offer a more holistic approach now and reduce the fibro-septal laxity within the sub-dermal layer which is a problem for all aging faces and necks, as well as reduce fat bulk in problem areas at the same time.

We are able to offer EmbraceRF the same day as or before other treatments such as dermal fillers/threads or other laser treatments. We are also able to offer Embrace RF treatments only weeks to months after other treatment methods depending on what they are. So it is very versatile and can be combined with many treatments.

Why do you trust EmbraceRF’s technologies (Accutite, Facetite and Morpheus8) to deliver the results you want?

EmbraceRF offers precision injectable RF – we are able to tailor depth and energy with in-built safety cut-offs and active safety cut-offs eg. selecting top temperature allowed for internal and external electrodes with using FaceTite or AccuTite. We can reach temperatures for fat destruction/coagulation (70 degrees) and ideal skin tightening temperatures more superficially in an incredibly controlled fashion ie. between 38-43 degrees depending on the skin type and quality with real-time temperature feedback from both internal and external electrodes.

I would say it’s the precision tool for Cosmetic Physicians/Surgeons wanting a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional Facelift.  

What is unique about EmbraceRF, why is this the precision tool for surgeons?

EmbraceRF is an evolution of previous technology developed by InMode that was already successful within its own right- ie. BodyTite and Fractora.

Radio-Frequency has been around for many years and has proven to be a useful technology for skin tightening and fat reduction.

EmbraceRF provides the latest RF platform and delivery systems that can be attached to deliver precision RF energy for tailored treatment solutions.

What does it mean for your clinic to have a minimally invasive solution for surgical results?

Within my practice I needed something to bridge the gap between injectables/laser/threads and cosmetic surgery such as a Face-Lift.

I needed a solution for skin tightening for darker skin types not suitable for fractional ablative laser.

I also wanted a to combine skin tightening with lipo-sculpting – and the EmbraceRF offer the latest technology that is simple to use in order to achieve this.

I also wanted to combine this treatment modality with collagen stimulating implants and injectables such as threads.

Also, I needed more options for neck skin rejuvenation as this is a difficult area to treat when there is significant skin laxity.  

What is the most common concern you use AccuTite for?

FaceTite is more suitable in covering larger areas such as the lower face and neck combined.

AccuTite is fantastic for small or harder to reach areas such as around the eyes or under the chin/sub-mental area.

In what situation would you use FaceTite over AccuTite and vice versa?

It is a matter of reach. Both devices are powerful and deliver RF energy effectively and precisely. FaceTite has a 10 cm reach compared to the 6cm reach of AccuTite, and is ideal for treating necks, jawlines, and other body areas including the upper arm and inner thighs, where more reach is required.

What has the patient response been to their EmbraceRF results?

Having used the platform heavily for more than 6-months now we are seeing nice skin tightening in both face and neck from Morpheus8 as well as nice plumping of the skin with a decent reduction in fine lines.

For FaceTite and AccuTite specifically we have seen nice results for reduction of jowls/reduction in neck fullness as well as reduction in under eye hollowing and wrinkles/skin laxity. We have achieved considerable lifts, sculpting and remodelling of clients’ face, neck and jawline.

Thanks to Morpheus8, many of our clients are enjoying improvements in their skin texture and tone - with many clients returning for repeat treatments because they love the results.

Interested in learning more about Dr Scriven's journey with EmbraceRF by InMode?

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