GMC Cosmedical has been performing state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures for the past 30 years. Their clinics offer the most advanced technology and experience required to produce the most satisfying results. They are home to a wide range of cosmetic procedures, including laser treatment for photorejuvenation, facial skin resurfacing, removal of capillaries and pigmentation, wrinkle smoothing injections, wrinkle filling and skin treatment, cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer care, hair regrowth, removal of veins, permanent hair removal and so on. Their clinics are located in Randwick and Narellan.

GMC Cosmedical offers AccuTite, FaceTite, BodyTite, Morpheus8, Forma and Fractora and now offers the latest technology in RF Microneedling: Morpheus8 Body and Morpheus8 Prime.


MB.BS. , D.Phys.Med., D. Dermatology, FFMACCS, MPSA

Dr George Calfas is a highly qualified cosmetic and laser physician with more than thirty years’ experience in the field of cosmetic medicine in Australia. As the founder and principal of the landmark GMC Cosmedical Clinics at Randwick and Narellan, Dr Calfas continues to evolve and deliver a diverse range of surgical and non-surgical, incisional and non-incisional face, neck and body procedures.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of New South Wales and obtained postgraduate qualifications in Physical Medicine from the University of Sydney and Clinical Dermatology from the University of Wales (UK).

Dr Calfas is a Senior Fellow and founding member of the Cosmetic Physician’s College of Australasia and the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgeons for which he is a mentor within its Clinical Training Program and a recently elected member of its Medical Board. Through these roles, Dr Calfas is responsible for shaping the next generation of cosmetic physicians and surgeons.



What is it about InMode you find so unique?

InMode is a high end technology development company focusing mainly on lasers and RF (Radiofrequency) devices. I am impressed by the quality and functionality of their devices, they display a lot of experience in the industry and a wealth of understanding of what the professional user as well as the patient needs and expects. InMode have managed to bridge the gap between non-surgical treatments and surgical procedures with a range of minimally invasive options that give great results without the downtime and scars of a surgical procedure. They have opened up new treatments for a range of areas that were not readily treatable non-surgically in the past such as the eyes, necks and axillary folds.

How has EmbraceRF benefitted your clinics?

Embrace is amazing technology offering versatility and treatment options that have been unavailable before this. Embrace has opened doors to new procedures and treatment options benefitting our patients while improving clinic revenues. Surgical procedures can be unsuitable for some patients for any number of reasons including cost, downtime and even the fact they’re not ready for the invasiveness of “going under the knife”. Having a range of treatment options that require little downtime, have a reduced cost and are non-or minimally invasive makes it more appealing to patients. These RF treatments can also be used in combination with other surgical procedures to enhance the surgical outcome.

Has EmbraceRF changed the way you perceive treatment plans?

Definitely! We now have a range of options not previously available that bridge the gap between surgical and non-surgical treatments. There is no better example than the treatment of most patients’ pet hate, the neck, a notoriously difficult area to treat. Many patients need something more than skin treatments but are either not bad enough for surgery or cannot or will not have surgery. With EmbraceRF we have the perfect selection of treatment options for them.

Why do you trust EmbraceRF’s technologies (Accutite, Facetite and Morpheus8) to deliver the results you want?

InMode EmbraceRF is an elegant and sophisticated device with their AccuTite and FaceTite handpieces delivering RF energy in the right doses just where you want it in the subdermal structures allowing you to treat these to the maximum without effecting the epidermis. This makes treatments much more predictable and effective than previously possible. Several advanced built-in safety features help make the treatment safer than previously possible. The Morpheus8 is the ultimate RF needling and fractional resurfacing device offering programmable needle depths ranging from 1 to 4 mm depth to provide RF energy to both subdermal and dermal layers providing a broad scope of treatments opportunities.

What is unique about EmbraceRF, why is this the precision tool for surgeons?

EmbraceRF is a true surgical tool, designed for surgeons by surgeons, designed to be used by plastic and cosmetic surgeons to achieve surgical type results without the downtime or scarring of surgery. The inbuilt technology allows the surgeon to deliver the most precise treatments possible today, and this is reflected by the high satisfaction levels of both patient and doctor. This is unparalleled in today’s market.

How does EmbraceRF utilise RF technologies to produce optimal facial contouring and refinement results?

A combination of versatility of handpieces, some small enough to enable treatment of the smallest corners on the face, and precision of energy application permits RF to be delivered precisely by computer-controlled delivery to all levels of fat under the skin as well as in the dermis itself. This combination delivers true three-dimensional contraction of the fibrous network structures beneath the skin to produce the greatest degree of skin contraction possible. What is even more exciting is that, unlike other devices that simply heat and tighten, the results of EmbraceRF have been shown to continue to improve for up to one year or even longer, and may last for some years post treatment. This is possible because of beneficial permanent restructuring of the subdermal tissues.

What does it mean for your clinic to have a minimally invasive solution for surgical results?

This technology is ideal for patients in whom non-surgical management is no longer enough but who are not ready for surgery. Prior to EmbraceRF it was difficult to satisfy these patients’ needs. EmbraceRF has offered us a range of effective noninvasive or minimally invasive treatment options to fill this gap. Apart from the obvious benefit to the patient there is also a boost to the clinic’s bottom line.

What is the most common concern you use AccuTite for?

AccuTite is the smallest device on the market, it fits into the palm of your open hand. The probe is only 6 centimeters long and is less than 1mm thick, making it the same size as a 22G injecting cannula. The AccuTite is small enough to manipulate precisely into small and medium sized areas and is also powerful and very responsive making an unbeatable combination to deliver precise results to all of these areas.

It is ideal for treating smaller areas such as the eyelids and lips, the nasolabial folds, and those very common complaints of the jowls and the under-chin fat deposits. When you consider that blepharoplasty is the second most commonly requested procedure in Australia the ability to treat eyes non-surgically becomes obvious. Other commonly requested areas include crepiness of mummy tummies and the creases above the knees. It is the best in its class on the market.

In what situation would you use FaceTite over AccuTite and vice versa?

It is a matter of reach. Both devices are powerful and deliver RF energy effectively and precisely. FaceTite has a 10 cm reach compared to the 6cm reach of AccuTite, and is ideal for treating necks, jawlines, breasts and other body areas including the upper arm and inner thighs, where more reach is required.

What has the patient response been to their EmbraceRF results?

There is a uniformly positive response to results from an EmbraceRF treatment by both patients and doctors alike. The expectation is one of steady and progressive improvement over time. We find that patients are both excited and intrigued by their continuing improvement over the period of several months that follow.

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