Ignatia Beauty offers bespoke treatments completely tailored to each individuals needs. Ignatia herself provides all services in the clinic, using only the newest technology and products on the market. Her extensive research and skills have lead her to create treatments
that combine modalities to treat multiple needs at once. Ignatia is confident she will meet all
your expectations throughout the treatment, from the overall experience to excellent results.

Ignatia Beauty offers Lumecca, Forma and Fractora.



Ignatia’s love for taking care of herself, her family and her friends, ignited her ambition to equip herself with the knowledge and technology to create her own clinic. The development of Ignatia Beauty began by Ignatia herself researching the best treatments and technologies on the market. She then trialed and experimented with multiple brands until she felt she had put together the best modalities and products to treat all skin types and concerns. Once she had all the right tools, she spent years training and perfecting her skills.

Ignatia has utilised every resource to ensure she is the expert in her industry. She has completed a Bachelor of Medical Science, Diploma in Beauty Therapy, various Certificates in industry related techniques and she is currently undergoing a Diploma of Cosmetic Chemistry. She has meticulously experimented, researched and refined her processes to deliver the best results and the most luxurious experience in all of her treatments.

Ignatia’s genuine love for what she does, motivates and inspires her to constantly improve and grow her skills and her clinic.



1x Treatment - Before vs Immediately After

Lumecca IPL for Vascular Lesion


The development of Ignatia Beauty began through a desire to have a clinic that could treat all skin concerns with completely bespoke treatments. In order to achieve this I needed to research the best technologies, treatments, and products on the market. When I discovered that InMode and their machines were completely backed by science and results, I was sold. I purchased the Optimas device because I planned on treating the face only in my early years in the industry and the attachments I purchased were fantastic for the more common skin concerns like ageing, scarring, pigmentation, vascular lesions and many more. This machine will also allow me to treat skin concerns all over the body in the future. I currently have the Lumecca, Fractora and Forma attachments for my machine and I also have the opportunity to add more attachments in the future. At the moment I would have to say I use Optimas most frequently for Forma (RF Skin Tightening). I have seen significant results using Lumecca for both pigmentation and vascular lesions. Fractora can be quite intense however there is no other technology on the market that I would suggest for scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Inmode has given me the opportunity to produce medical grade results in my treatments.


Lumecca, Forma and Fractora


Our mission is to deliver in our promise! Create innovative, life changing technology that leads the industry in enhancing beauty and well-being.