Spa+Clinic - Physicians of Excellence

Spa+Clinic - Physicians of Excellence

Spa+Clinic magazine features InMode’s 2022 ‘Physicians of Excellence, where they discuss their favourite devices and treatments. Here are some snippets of what they had to say:

Dr Danae Lim - “I like the real-time temperature sensors with safety cutoffs from temperature and energy surges, it’s just very smart technology that makes it virtually foolproof and very very safe.” 

Dr Sam Xu -  “The Embrace RF machine allows me to treat patients who desire significant skin laxity improvement without prolonged downtime and surgical scars. I find combination treatments yield the best results, such as using Bodytite in combination with Morpheus 8 for even more effective skin tightening and treat stretch marks at the same time.”

Dr George Calfas - “judging by the number of referrals we get, the results must speak for themselves. These treatments would suit the majority of people looking for improvement or refinement of the face and body, and body for sculpting”

Dr Paul Han -  “I was working closely with the InMode Australia team to formulate three steps for the Triple InMode lifting, which has now become the new gold standard in lifting and tightening”

Read the full article here, pages 92 - 95.



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