Tips to boost your clinics revenue
Tips to boost your clinic's revenue

We previously discussed the importance of digital marketing for your beauty clinic's success. But as you know, a clinic needs to do more than digital marketing to ensure its success. At InMode we work with a diverse range of clinics and we have seen what works well for those that are successful. We have compiled a list of small changes you can make to make a big difference for your beauty clinic.

Define Your Brand

Building a brand is much more than just a logo, it is the entire experience a client has with your clinic. From the moment they interact with your clinic, a customer's image of your brand image is being built. This of course includes your logo, signage, uniforms, marketing material and decor, but more importantly, it’s their booking experience, the treatment experience and the technology and brands you use. If you are positioned as a high-end clinic, be sure this is reflected in all areas of your brand. One cheap or ineffective service may discredit the rest of your offerings. By stocking InMode Technologies you ensure that your clients are getting the best and most trusted treatments available. By investing in this whole brand experience and image you will build client trust and loyalty.

Position Your Clinic As An Industry Expert

An effective way to retain existing customers and to win new customers is to position your clinic as the go-to provider for your services. There are a number of tactics that will help you gain that expert status. Firstly, become an expert! Read the latest studies on your clinics' services, attend trade shows, learn from others. InMode offers workshops, clinical studies, blogs and on-demand webinars to empower you to become an industry expert. Secondly, market your expertise. Publish blogs to your customer base, get featured on local news outlets or media offering beauty tips and advice. This will not only build credibility but also increase your exposure. 

Broaden Your Client Based

It seems obvious but not every clinic is exploring further than their current clientele. How can you do this? For one, think about the other half of the population. More and more men are looking for beauty treatments but are being ignored by many beauty clinics messaging. Be sure to include men in your marketing massaging and make them feel welcome. We have men featured in some of our before and afters available for all InMode providers in our resource centre, feel free to add those images to your next advertising campaign. 
Another option is referrals. Think about all of your clients, if each one brought a friend in, that would double your income! Offer discounts to your current customers if they refer a friend. This helps build loyalty from your existing customers and brings in new ones. A win-win!  

Practice Upselling

The best customers are the ones you already have. Half the battle is getting customers into your clinic, once they trust your clinic for one treatment, they are more likely to be upsold for another. The key is to do it in a natural and honest fashion. Rather than selling, be a consultant. Listen carefully to their problems, identify their needs and educate them on services that would benefit them. By not being pushy, they are more likely to trust you and return for your suggestion when they feel the time is right. For example, if a customer has come in looking for a fat reduction treatment such as Evolve Trim, explaining the benefit of a skin tightening treatment such as Evolve Tite alongside that treatment, thid will ensure optimum results. 

To find out more about what InMode and our products can do for your clinic, contact us today. 

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