4 Tips to Boost Your Clinic’s Revenue

Tips to boost your clinics revenue

Starting a clinic because you’re passionate about helping people feel and look their best is why many of us get into the cosmetic industry. Nothing is more pleasing than seeing clients leave post-treatment with a smile on their face and their confidence boosted.

In order to continue providing these services, however, your business needs to grow. Increasing your clinic’s revenue is made out to be no easy feat by many; and while it isn’t a walk in the park, it’s more than possible. 

At InMode, we want to help your business grow and thrive. From offering technology resources to clinical support for any questions you have, your success is a priority for us, too. We work with a diverse range of clinics and we have seen what works well for those that are successful. So, we have compiled four of the best clinic growth tips in order to help you achieve the results you deserve.

1. Grow Your Online Presence and Brand

On our blog, we have previously discussed the importance of digital marketing for your  beauty clinic's successHowever, we can’t stress this enough, so we will say it again. While many clinics overlook social media and establishing an online presence, it is crucial to growing your clinic’s exposure.

Social media platforms have become an incredible way for cosmetic clinics to show the work they have done, what they stand for and their values. It’s both an organic and paid way to grow your brand, and having a post gain traction on these platforms can mean more followers – which means more clients!

Online presence doesn’t only have to mean posting on social media. You can also respond to reviews and keep your community engaged to increase your brand awareness!

2. Enhance and Optimise the Client Experience

Ensuring your clients are happy with their treatments and results, whether that’s non-surgical, minimally invasive, an everyday issue like alleviating dry eye or an anti-aging treatment is one of our key tips to boost your clinic’s revenue. A happy customer means a returning and potentially referring customer, which inevitably means more earnings for your business.

The best way to enhance and optimise your clients’ experiences at your clinic is by making them feel as though you genuinely care. You’ll also want to make them feel confident that you know all about the treatments you’re offering, from how they’re done to what the aftercare is. At InMode, we offer comprehensive guides, information and clinical papers for each device. Put your client’s mind at ease with plenty of information, show them before and after transformations and be informed enough to answer any questions they may have. If any questions arise that you don’t have the resources for, you can always contact us for more information that can then be passed on to your clients. 

Keeping your devices well-maintained is yet another way to put patients at ease and enhance their experience in your clinic. These ethical practices help them to feel informed and at ease with the treatment they are about to undergo and help create a great relationship between client and practitioner. This is especially important for treatments that require a number of sessions to deliver optimal results, whether that’s face and body sculpting or laser hair removal

3. Establish Partnerships and Network With Industry Partners

How do you expect your business to grow if no one knows it exists? Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tactics, even in the digital age. People trust other people – especially when they can see treatment results for themselves. 

And who do people trust more than ordinary people? Authoritative people in the industry. This could mean doctors, dermatologists, clinicians, or nurses. Establishing partnerships with medical professionals and other companies in the medical or cosmetic industry (who are not direct competitors, of course) can help you to build a referral network and gain more valuable clients through a new technique.

Don’t be afraid to attend industry events and network, or even reach out to other clinics or medical practices personally. You never know who you’ll form a partnership with! 

If you’re an InMode provider, we make it easier for clients to find your clinic with our Find A Provider map. Not only will you be offering cutting-edge technology for your clients with years of experience and information to draw from, but we’ll also help you to increase your reach. 

4. Encourage Client Loyalty and Referral Programs

As we mentioned in our second clinic growth tip, a returning customer is great for boosting your revenue. Another way to encourage clients to come back to your clinic is through rewarding loyalty. 

Setting up a loyalty, rewards or referral program is a great way to excite clients for new treatments. You can offer loyalty members exclusive service discounts, rewards for referring a friend and points systems, to name a few ideas. This is also a wonderful opportunity for treatments that require multiple sessions. A discount for purchasing the required number of treatments upfront can help your customers come back, along with getting them better results by ensuring they’re consistent. This can entice new customers, encourage current clients to come back, and help boost revenue for your clinic! 

Ultimately, if you treat your patients with care, provide quality services, and work on building a strong presence online, you can grow your business and expect more revenue. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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