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Dr. Erez Dayan - Addressing the Treatment Gap with Evolve

Dr. Erez Dayan - Addressing the Treatment Gap with Evolve

When complications arise and we are unable to operate the way we are used to, an innovator looks for ways to remain connected to the industry and others who share similar passions, whilst constantly looking to expand their skill set. This is the only way to ensure you as an individual, and a business are able to come out the other side better off. With InMode’s virtual seminars, we offer a platform for leading experts to share techniques and unique insights.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Erez Dayan is the Medical Director of Avance Plastic Surgery Institute where his mission is to provide patients with optimal results by employing innovative techniques and minimally invasive technologies. Dr Dayan completed his training at the, world renowned, Harvard Plastic Surgery program and is one of the few American surgeons to have additional fellowship training in advance aesthetic techniques and minimally invasive technology.

Actively involved in the research of innovative technologies to improve aesthetic incomes, Dr Dayan has presented and published on these topics over 150 occasions nationally and internationally. His insight is as trusted as it is expert and his passion for educating other practicing surgeons on intelligent advancement is clear with his enthusiasm to be a part of InMode’s virtual educational series.

This webinar explores the future of Body Contouring with a hands-free technology by InMode. Dr Dayan outlines the science behind the cutting-edge technology, highlighting how its hands-free use of RF energy is revolutionising aesthetics. Evolve is the ultimate all-in-one workstation, offering a full body solution with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for muscle strength and toning, skin tightening and fat and cellulite reduction.

Dr Dayan also discusses how the Evolve, non-invasive capabilities is successful in bridging the treatment gap, enabling your business to expand its patient offerings to a new, larger audience. This treatment targets patient who don’t fit into existing categories, but rather come from age groups of 30s, 40s and 50s whose skin concerns go beyond quick, minimal fixers of soft tissue fillers and neurotoxins, but are also not yet ‘severe’ enough for traditional surgical solutions.

Elevate your clinic with InMode’s option to replay educational webinars led by renowned, industry experts. Acquire the knowledge needed to expand your skillset and offer the very best of innovations in the aesthetic industry. Replay Dr Erez Dayan now.

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