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When it comes to body contouring, muscle- strengthening and toning is in high demand. This has stemmed from a heightened awareness of the importance of a fit and strong body, where muscles are celebrated rather than avoided.

Resultingly, more and more patients are turning to Pulse technology to build muscle as well as slim down. In order for patients to trust your clinic with their toning needs, it is pivotal to set your practice apart from others in the industry. By incorporating InMode’s Evolve Tone into your offering, you will provide the fastest, most versatile and least invasive patient experience available.

Part of our comprehensive Evolve workstation, Tone works by emitting high intensity electrical pulses to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions, otherwise known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Unlike other EMS technologies on the market, Tone provides 72,000 pulses in 30 minutes – a rate that is 2x more powerful than other contouring technologies*.

This pulse rate is optimised even further by the technology’s four, separate, hands-free applicators. Not only do these applicators decrease direct patient-to-practitioner contact, utilising them simultaneously means that different parts of the body can be strengthened and toned at the same time. Depending on patient concerns, muscles may be strengthened in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs or flanks for a highly refined look. Resultingly, patients many enjoy fast and versatile results all in the one session.

Finally, as a practitioner, you know that patients seeking body contouring will commonly have queries about procedural pain and recovery time. By opting for Tone, patient concerns will be quelled as they learn the technology is completely non-invasive and optimised for patient comfort, as well as involving no post-procedure scarring or down-time.

As Tone is one of three advanced technologies on our Evolve workstation, it is fully scalable to be employed with its counterparts – Trim (fat and cellulite reduction) and Tite (skin tightening) – for a complete body contouring solution. Together, all three technologies provide customised treatments according to patients’ body concerns.

By incorporating Tone into your clinic’s offering, you will set your practice apart from those in the industry employing outdated Pulse technology. Tone’s innovative and advanced pulse rate and applicators allow for a highly efficient and comprehensive muscle strengthening treatment, where your patients may leave your clinic confident in their results.

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*Clinical data on file

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