Non-Invasive Face and Body Contouring Treatments

The growing trend towards non-invasive beauty treatments

The growing trend towards non-invasive beauty treatments

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Whether you’re in your late 20’s or crossing past your 40’s, you may have considered one or more of the beauty treatments taking the wellness world by storm. Seeing a friend’s results or a known figure's reported treatments may have sparked your interest and you’re now curious about the options available to you

The growing options available for non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments that require little to no downtime and offer significantly less risk than traditional surgical procedures offers a simple solution! In the last 20 years, demand has increased by 180% and it doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Accessible, economical and most importantly safe, it’s not hard to see why these treatments continue to be a popular option. 

So you’re wanting a treatment but aren’t sure which one will help target YOUR problem areas? We’re here to help! We’ve picked 3 of the most popular problem areas and laid out a guide of the right treatment for you and what to expect! 

Face wrinkles (crow’s feet, under-eye bags, smile lines)

What treatments can help: Morpheus8 (RF Microneedling) 

Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) microneedling. This technology combines radiofrequency energy with gold-coated micropins  to rejuvenate the skin from deep within. As we get older, our skin naturally begins to lose its elasticity and becomes more sensitive as our body’s collagen levels decrease, the elastin production slowly diminishes. Radiofrequency microneedling awakens your body’s natural healing process, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for improved skin tone, texture and firmness. 

Our unique clinically proven Morpheus8 technology allows us to penetrate the skin at varied levels and target not only problem areas in the face but the whole body. By remodelling collagen and subdermal adipose tissue, targeting  larger body areas such as the abdomen, thighs, flanks and buttocks is made possible. 

What to expect:

You will experience skin penetration between 0.5mm to 4mm for the face and upto 7mm in other areas of the body. You may experience some mild redness and feeling of warmth (like a mild sunburn) temporarily. There is no downtime needed! 

Skin Tightening, Fat and Cellulite Reduction and Muscle Toning. 

What treatments can help: Evolve Trim, Tite and Tone 

Bi-Polar Radio Frequency is still considered the gold standard for non-Invasive fat volume reduction. The main purpose of Radiofrequency (RF)  for body contouring is to produce thermal stimulus which leads to a skin tightening effect by dermal collagen production and decreases the volume of adipose tissue. 

Our Evolve utilises vacuum suction, bi-polar radiofrequency heating and electric pulses (EMS) for a full body contouring solution. Evolve Trim targets fat and cellulite in areas of the body from love handles, abdomen and buttocks right to the outer and inner thighs. The Evolve Tite then remodels and tightens the skin to improve its overall appearance. The Evolve Tone then works by emitting electrical pulses to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions and encourage muscle toning.  In total, 288.000 pulses are emitted in 30 minutes to increase muscle strength .

What to expect:

Your clinician will place the hands-free applicators over your chosen areas to start the treatment. The algorithm of the technology means that the RF energy  automatically adjusts when each applicator senses it has reached the optimal thermal response so safety is unprecedented and no stress is needed! You can lie down and relax while the applicators get to work and treat multiple areas at once. 

Pigmentation & Rosacea 

What treatments can help: Lumecca (IPL Treatment)

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It’s a type of non-invasive light therapy that can be used to treat spots, skin blemishes and unwanted pigment. IPL is similar to a laser treatment but while a laser focuses just one wavelength of light at your skin, the IPL has the ability to use light of many different wavelengths. The IPL penetrates down to the second layer of your skin (dermis) without harming the top layer (epidermis) to be significantly more safe and have minimal effects on your skin. 

Our Lumecca IPL can effectively treat not only issues like rosacea but benign pigmented epidermal lesions, including dyschromia, hyperpigmentation, and freckles, port wine stains, facial, truncal and leg telangiectasias among other skin conditions. 

What to expect

Before your procedure, your clinician will examine your skin and assess whether Lumecca is right for you. You may be asked to avoid certain activities to prepare your skin like avoiding direct sunlight or using specific medications that may make your skin sensitive. Our Lumecca IPL treatment offers a high efficiency of treatment due to the high peak power and optimised output of the technology. You can expect complete photo rejuvenation in 1 or 2 treatments for most patients vs. 4-6 treatments that you get with standard IPL’s. The large spot size and high pulse repetition rate also reduces treatment size and offers a comfortable treatment experience!

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