It’s not just your face that can betray your age – your chest and your hands can be dead giveaways too. Extra TV reveals Hollywood’s secret to camera ready skin with celebrity actress, Denise Crosby. About the Patient: Denise Crosby is an American actress and model featured in TV series such as Ray Donovan, Scandal, The Walking Dead, Law and Order: LA, Star Trek and Prison Break to name a few. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Heather Roberts has the perfect solution – Lumecca. It gets rid of brown spots and red splotches on your skin due to aging and sun damage. She explains the high-tech fix, “It’s a form of intense pulse light that selectively targets and removes brown spots from the skin as well as superficial dilated capillaries.” Dr. Roberts treats Crosby’s hands and chest with Lumecca. A few minutes of pain-free light pulsing on the hands and chest reveals spot free hands and a refreshed neck and chest in just 7 to 10 days. From the Video: “Already you can see she’s got a really beauty result. Her skin is more even. You can see a significant improvement in the brown spots and the surface texture looks so much smoother.”
• Provides complete photorejuvenation in 1-2 sessions versus 4-6 compared to standard IPL’s
• More comfortable and less painful than other IPL’s
• Treats facial pigmentation, superficial vessels, photo damage and more Lumecca can provide full photorejunvenation in just one to two sessions with less pain than traditional intense pulse light lasers. Find an InMode operator near you and inquire about Lumecca. https://inmodemd.com/find-a-physician