“Getting rid of unwanted fat, renewing the skin, and removing unattractive hair sounds like a wish list for many women.” On Charlotte Today, Dr. Andrew Gear from Providence Plastic Surgery shares the newest non-invasive procedures in body contouring and hair removal technology. “BodyFX is a revolutionary FDA-cleared device that treats fat cells, cellulite and the skin. It is color blind and can treat all skint types.” Using radio frequency energy and heat, fat cells are permanently reduced and naturally flushed from the body. Unlike CoolSculpting, which address only fat cells, BodyFX treats the skin as well. Coupled with Negative Pressure Massage, radio frequency energy is evenly distributed and the skin is tightened. From the Article: “Bipolar radio frequency energy is delivered to the skin and the underlying tissues in a temperature regulated matter. The ideal candidate is somebody that is close to their ideal body weight, exercises, diets but has stubborn areas that just won’t go away.”
• Physicians recommend 6 to 8 treatments for optimal results
• Temperature controls allow for personalized treatment
• Targets hard to reach areas of the body Diolaze is the latest generation of diode hair removal systems. With incredible power and pulsing, Diolaze safely treats hair faster, more efficiently and without topical anesthesia. Due to its high, peak power, Diolaze can remove hair in a fraction of sessions needed for older devices.
• Powerful enough to treat the most stubborn hair
• Built in cooling system makes treatment virtually pain free
• Can treat up to skin type VI