InMode In The Press: Looking for Proactive Anti-Ageing Strategies? Try Morpheus8

InMode In The Press: Looking for Proactive Anti-Ageing Strategies? Try Morpheus8

‘Prejuvenation’ is all the rage, with increasing numbers of people in their 20s taking steps now to reduce the effects of ageing further down the line. Shape recently highlighted InMode’s central role in this phenomenon, with aesthetic devices like the Morpheus8 offering a non-invasive way of boosting collagen production levels now and into the future.

As dermatologist Dr Henry shared with Shape:

"Over time, your collagen gets stretched out, causing a saggier, looser look. Heating the collagen with radio frequency helps shrink it," says Dr. Henry. Microneedling then stimulates a wound-healing effect to boost collagen production, reducing pore size and increasing firmness. 

Morpheus8 and Anti-Ageing

To recognise how Morpheus8 can help prevent the signs of ageing, we first need to understand how the ageing process works.

As we get older, the body naturally begins to produce less collagen, which is an essential protein that provides strength and structure to bones, muscles, skin and tendons. This lack of collagen is one of the main contributing factors to the visual signs of ageing, including the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

By combining fractional microneedling and RF energy, the Morpheus8 stimulates increased production of collagen, helping to turn back the clock and stop ageing in its tracks.

The Morpheus8 comes with four fractional tips equipped with different microneedle configurations, helping the device to deliver bursts of RF energy to multiple treatment depths. Best of all, the aesthetic device is suitable for all skin types and comes with a low risk of hyperpigmentation, which can be common with other resurfacing methods.

The targeted combination of microneedling and RF energy has joined other popular anti-ageing strategies, including injections and traditional facelifts, as an ideal way of achieving the healthiest skin possible. The advantage of an RF microneedling device like the Morpheus8 over these strategies is its non-invasive nature.

Speaking with Shape, dermatologist Dr. Frank explains:

"The previous generation of doctors focused on aggressive technologies — they waited until patients were of a certain age and then did a major peel, laser, or surgery," says Dr. Frank. "Now, we avoid that by incorporating gentle treatments like resurfacing lasers, neuromodulators like Botox, and skin-tightening radio frequency into your routine."

For the full article and an explanation of the power and capabilities of Morpheus8, visit Shape or contact the InMode team today.

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