Non-invasive Face Contouring

Define’s Hybrid Configuration of Both Hands-Free and Hands-Operated Technologies Address the Complex Topography of the Face and Enables Customised Combination Procedures in All Areas of the Face.

AI technology Acquire,Control, Extend (A.C.E.)

Acquire: built in temperature sensor that reads the skin temperature 1000 times per second

Control: the Radio Frequency (RF) energy delivery on the skin

Extend: the treatment time within the therapeutic window to achieve optimal results

  • Physicians can perform a variety of targeted, highly efficacious combination facial procedures.
  • Satisfy the full range of patient demands for natural-looking results with zero-downtime.
  • Define deploys multiple programmable modalities that work synergistically


Hands-Free Facial Remodelling

Define Cheek and Define Chin headsets are hands-free facial technologies designed to address the lower face and neck. The patented technology harnesses the power of RF energy to treat facial tissue and improve its appearance.

Hands-On Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling

InMode’s Morpheus8 ground-breaking technology provides a complete face and body dermal resurfacing, tightening and subdermal remodelling. Morpheus8 is unique in targeting and strengthening the Fibro-Septal Network (FSN) skin-fat matrix, resulting in improved skin appearance and reduced irregularities. 

Morpheus8 interchangeable portfolio of microneedling tips allow you to offer customise treatments to your patients.  

Hands-on bipolar RF for collagen remodelling 

Forma is a skin technology providing dermal and subdermal heating. Radiofrequency travels via electrodes to deliver a non-invasive and pain-free treatment. Built-in temperature controls allow the treatment to reach optimal end-points safely and effectively. 

Clinical Papers

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Clinical Study

Noninvasive Hands-free Bipolar Radiofrequency Facial Remodeling Device for the Improvement of Skin Appearance


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