JOANNA VARGAS IS FEATURED ON EXTRATV DISCUSSING HOW THE FORMA PLUS TREATMENT IS PERFECT FOR ACHIEVING CELLULITE-FREE SUMMER LEGS. New York City TV personality and world famous aesthetician, Joanna Vargas, was recently featured on Extra TV discussing how Forma Plus by InMode is the perfect treatment for smooth and sexy summer legs. ExtraTV calls Forma Plus a “booty boosting, cellulite busting breakthrough.” From the article: Do you want smooth and sexy summer legs? Yea! Of course you do! Now are you ready to feel the burn. “You see an instant lift and an instant result.” Celebrity aesthetician, Joanna Vargas unveils this new booty boosting cellulite busting breakthrough. “Cellulite is a skin problem rather than a fat problem, even somebody who’s super thin can have cellulite. What the burn does is that we can spot treat and smooth out an area and tighten it up in a way that you can’t get from just going to the gym.” The hour long treatments combining electricity and heat. “It just feels like I am massaging you with something warm to increase collagen production which strengthens and smooths the skin. So it’s really quick, it’s easy, it’s painless, it’s really relaxing and you get instant result even in the first treatment. If you want your legs to look perfect for the summer.” Forma Plus is an hour long non-surgical treatment that stimulates collagen production to strengthen and smooth the skin. Using electricity, the device creates heat that penetrates the skin. The burn is created in highly targeted areas by the doctor and as a result, the patient’s body begins to generate new collagen to rebuild the tissues. It is the perfect laser for loose skin. The result – smoother skin, rejuvenated.