SPA+CLINIC - Empowering Women Through Life-Changing Treatments

SPA+CLINIC - Empowering Women Through Life-Changing Treatments

Spa and clinicThis month's SPA+CLINIC magazine cover story features InMode's KOL Dr Liz Golez, as she talks about the life-changing treatments of EmpowerRF.

An extremely informative piece as Dr Golez shares her personal experience with women's health issues within her family and how this bolstered her to seek more effective women's health treatment.

Dr Golez illustrates the demand for EmpowerRF as it meets the needs of millions of women and how it is leading the way in the growing billion-dollar industry for women's health.

Dr Golez stresses the importance of empathy during the initial consultation. Patients tend to withhold information if they feel embarrassed about their sexual health. They also fear the pain associated with such treatments and need to be assured of how tolerable the procedure is. Finally, she highlights the need for patients to feel empowered by their decision for the treatment as this can help them to respond well to the treatment. 

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Spa and Clinic Cover

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