From the Article: “Mommy what are those dimples on your legs?” “My problem areas tend to always be my thighs or the sides and no matter how much that I exercise or eat right. I just can’t get rid of it.” Is this how you realized you have cellulite even with diet and exercise? Cellulite as we know is the most common and frustrating problem. There is no permanent solution to cellulite, but you can control it with BodyFX, the cellulite removal system. The Doctors put it to the test to see tighten, tone and rid legs and thighs of cellulite. Dr. Jason Diamond demonstrates BodyFX on three patients, all with amazing results after six to eight treatments. Having tried a healthy diet and exercise, patients were not able to get rid of their cellulite until they tried BodyFX. Body FX treats problematic fatty tissues to contour and shape the body.

• Uses radio frequency energy to heat and diminish fat cells

• Vacuum pressure allows for deep treatment

• Non Invasive. Painless. No Downtime. BodyFX is a vacuum system that sucks up your skin into it. It is a painless system that creates a suction to get good distribution of radio frequency energy to melt fat cells and get rid of those dreaded dimples. Each treatment is about half an hour with a treatment once a week. Initial treatments are weekly until the desired results are achieved. With maintenance every three to six months depending on your lifestyle, the BodyFX program is excellent for control cellulite.