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Embrace RF: Changing The Way Doctors Perceive Treatment Plans

Embrace RF: Changing The Way Doctors Perceive Treatment Plans

InMode’s latest innovation, EmbraceRF is a precision tool like no other, made by surgeons, for surgeons. Bridging the gap between surgical and non-surgical facial contouring, without the scars and minimal, to no downtime, EmbraceRF harnesses the power of AccuTite and Facetite, with the addition of Morpheus8, to deliver the most advanced facial contouring and refinement procedure available through ‘Injectable RF’. With this revolutionary solution surgeons are able to lift and define facial features with the power of precision heating for a more youthful appearance.

To help shed light on the powerful capabilities of InMode’s EmbraceRF platform and how it’s changing the way doctors approach aesthetic solutions, we sat down with Dr. Gavin Scriven from Academy Face and Body Sydney. Medical Director at Academy Face and Body, Dr. Scriven is focused on keeping across the latest techniques, products and devices in Cosmetic Medicine, but seeks only to implement the best and most effective treatments in his professional space. With a particular interest in anti-ageing, Dr Scriven is experienced in injectables, laser rejuvenation and threads treatments. 

What is it about InMode’s EmbraceRF you find so unique?

“I find the EmbraceRF platform unique because it offers a range of skin tightening/fat remodelling solutions using different RF delivery systems, with different skill sets required – ranging from the dermal therapist level through to Doctor only procedures – all on the same platform. Also, the mode of RF delivery with insulated needles or cannula allows us to treat a variety of skin types without worrying about certain risks such as PIH. This also means we can treat at much higher energy/heat levels without causing as much downtime.” 

Why did you choose EmbraceRF for your practice?

“Within my practice I needed something to bridge the gap between injectables, laser, threads and cosmetic surgery, such as a Face-Lift. I wanted a solution for skin tightening for darker skin types not suitable for fractional ablative laser. I also wanted to combine skin tightening with lipo-sculpting – the EmbraceRF offers the latest technology that is simple to use in order to achieve this.”

How have you integrated EmbraceRF into your practice? 

“Lower face heaviness and skin laxity, sub-mental laxity and fullness, and neck laxity and fullness are areas that are difficult to treat with injectables, threads and lasers by themselves. With EmbraceRF, I can offer a more holistic approach and reduce the fibro-septal laxity within the sub-dermal layer, which is a problem for all ageing faces and necks, as well as reduce fat bulk in problem areas at the same time.”

 How has EmbraceRF technology benefited your practice? 

“With EmbraceRF I am able to offer another skin tightening solution in my practice other than laser, threads or collagen stimulating injectables. There are pros and cons for these methods, and they are not always suitable for every patient and for every concern. Whereas I am finding that all my patients are suitable for treatment with EmbraceRF. We were doing 2-3 Morpheus8 treatments a day already within the first month of receiving our EmbraceRF platform.”

To listen to the full interview with Plastic Surgery Hub and Dr. Gavin Scriven from Academy Face and Body in Sydney, click here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the powerful capabilities of InMode’s EmbraceRF, contact us today and discover how this device can deliver a level of innovation to your business and deliver new revenue streams to you practice.

If you are a customer and wish to book a consultation to discover how our RF Embrace technology can achieve the results you are looking for, please contact Academy Face & Body Sydney on (02) 9439 9293.

Image Courtesy of Academy Face & Body Sydney @academyfaceandbodysydney

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