EmpowerRF: Enhancing Intimate Health and Wellness

EmpowerRF: Enhancing Intimate Health and Wellness

Incontinence is a common issue that affects countless individuals, often causing discomfort and embarrassment. However, there is no reason to be embarrassed since it is perfectly normal to experience, especially as you age. 

Urinary incontinence affects up to 38 per cent of Australian women and up to 10 per cent of men. However, it's essential to recognise that living with incontinence doesn't have to be a permanent or insurmountable challenge. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, there are innovative solutions available that can transform and improve muscle tone health, such as pelvic floor strengthening devices. These provide women with the opportunity to regain confidence and comfort in their daily lives. 

One such groundbreaking technology is EmpowerRF by InMode, which is reshaping the landscape of pelvic health and empowering individuals to take control of their well-being. You don’t need to suffer in silence. Empower your body with InMode.

What is Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a common and often distressing condition characterised by the involuntary loss of urine, and it can significantly impact an individual's quality of life and self-esteem. There are a number of reasons that incontinence can occur, both physiological and physical. 

Stress incontinence can be a result of weakened pelvic muscles, resulting in leakage from simple everyday activities such as sneezing, laughing or lifting. Urge incontinence is experienced as a sudden and intense urge stemming from your bladder, resulting in leakage before getting to the bathroom. You can have similar leakage issues if your bladder isn’t fully emptying when you use the toilet. 

It’s important to know that urinary incontinence is a treatable condition, and you do not need to accept it as your fate. Seeking medical advice is essential to determine the underlying cause of your incontinence and choose the most suitable treatment approach.

How to Improve Pelvic Muscle Health With InMode's EmpowerRF

Improving pelvic health with InMode's EmpowerRF is a significant advancement in the realm of women's well-being. EmpowerRF is a versatile workstation comprising multiple devices that clinicians can customise to meet individual needs. These devices include:

Morpheus8 V

Morpheus8 V is a non-invasive device that provides pelvic submucosal remodelling. It is the only device of its kind worldwide and can be used both internally and externally when undergoing treatment. It helps to tighten muscle tone and treat incontinence brought on by age effectively by boosting collagen production in the targeted area. This results in firmer tissues and an improvement in muscle tone and pelvic control.

V Tone

V Tone addresses stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence quickly and painlessly through non-invasive technology. This targeted approach quickly and painlessly addresses stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence. Patients typically only need six to eight incontinence treatments across the span of three months to notice an improvement.


This device’s renowned microneedling technology promotes collagen production in the external groin area. Morpheus8 uses renowned microneedling technology with precise and controlled subdermal penetration, as shallow as 0.5mm up to 8mm. This microneedling action stimulates the production of collagen in the external intimate area, making it a great confidence booster for women concerned about their intimate area’s appearance. 


FormaV is a device that conducts non-invasive tissue remodelling for women, designed to be paired with regular Kegel exercises in order to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. It utilises radiofrequency technology to provide precise and personalised improvements in tissue health through stimulating underactive muscles to increase tone and strength.


Aviva is a revolutionary device that provides women with a minimally invasive, non-excisional alternative to labiaplasty. It helps restore your intimate area’s function and appearance, improving your pelvic floor and helping to minimise incontinence. It can be completed with local anaesthesia in just 20 minutes. 

Evolve Tone

Evolve Tone is a non-invasive body contouring and muscle toning system, designed to enhance abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Its function is complementary to the other devices in the EmpowerRF workstation, giving a more well-rounded form of treatment for patients. 

Do I Need Incontinence Treatment?

Incontinence treatment is not an absolute necessity, but it can be a valuable option for women frustrated by the challenges of incontinence and pelvic floor weakness. While it's a personal decision, these procedures offer effective solutions to regain control over bladder function and improve quality of life. 

It's important for individuals experiencing incontinence to consult with healthcare professionals to explore treatment options that align with their goals and preferences.

Is the Intimate Health Machine Invasive?

Pelvic floor strengthening tools, like many non-surgical treatments, is typically non-invasive. These procedures aim to improve pelvic tone and overall health without the need for surgical interventions.

Non-invasive pelvic muscle tightening procedures are always performed by trained professionals and are considered to be a safe and effective procedure for women suffering from incontinence.

Clinical Applications and Patient Selection

EmpowerRF is suitable for a wide range of patients experiencing incontinence, pelvic floor weakness, or seeking non-surgical treatments for the intimate area. Ideal candidates include:

  • Women experiencing stress, urge, or mixed urinary incontinence.
  • Patients with weakened pelvic floor muscles due to aging, childbirth, or other factors.
  • Individuals seeking non-invasive solutions for improved intimate health and appearance.

Integrating EmpowerRF into Your Practice

As a gynecologist, integrating EmpowerRF into your practice can enhance patient care and expand your treatment offerings. Our team provides comprehensive training and support to ensure seamless implementation. 

Where Can I Go For Incontinence Treatment?

There are many clinics across Australia and New Zealand that offer InMode’s EmpowerRF treatments. You can find a provider on our website, no matter where you’re located! You don’t need to suffer from your incontinence any longer. 

EmpowerRF provides effective solutions for managing incontinence and improving intimate health. If you're a gynecologist looking to offer advanced, non-surgical treatments to your patients, contact our team to explore how EmpowerRF can be integrated into your practice. Visit our website to find more information and take the first step toward enhancing patient care with EmpowerRF.

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