Pigment and Vascular Lesions

Vanish Vascular Lesions with InMode

Vanish Vascular Lesions with InMode

Vascular lesions are a common concern among patients, and, as such, it is important that your clinic offers effective and safe skin remodelling solutions. 

InMode’s Lumecca and Vasculaze treatments are two technologies on our cutting-edge INMODE PRO suite that have been specifically designed to target a variety of vascular lesions.

Continue reading to learn more about how to remove vascular lesions and the benefits of investing in InMode technology for your clinic.

What Are Vascular Lesions?

Vascular lesions encompass a wide range of skin conditions characterised by abnormalities in blood vessels. These lesions often present as visible discolourations on the skin, appearing as red, purple, or blue marks. They can arise from a variety of causes, such as genetic factors, aging, hormonal changes, sun exposure, trauma, or certain medical conditions. 

Types of Vascular Lesions

Several types of vascular lesions exist, including spider veins, varicose veins, port-wine stains, hemangiomas, and cherry angiomas. 


  • Spider veins: small dilated blood vessels resembling spider webs.
  • Varicose veins: enlarged, twisted veins typically found in the legs.
  • Port-wine stains: flat, pink to dark red birthmarks caused by abnormal blood vessel development.
  • Hemangiomas: benign tumours consisting of abnormal clusters of blood vessels. 
  • Cherry angiomas: small, bright red lesions that appear with age. 

The type of vascular lesion you have will affect the recommended treatment option, which is why it’s always a good idea to first seek advice from a healthcare professional prior to treatment.

How Do Vascular Lesions Affect Our Health?

Vascular lesions, in most cases, are benign and do not pose significant health risks. However, spider veins, varicose veins, or port-wine stains can cause cosmetic concerns and affect self-esteem. 

Rare complications can occur, such as discomfort from large varicose veins, including pain, swelling and bleeding. If concerned about a vascular lesion, you should immediately reach out to your healthcare professional for a full evaluation.

InMode’s Technologies for Vascular Lesions

InMode’s suite of technologies includes two devices that can be used to minimise the appearance of vascular lesions: Vasculaze and Lumecca.


Vasculaze harnesses IPL to treat a variety of vascular lesions, specifically targeting the haemoglobin with its high peak power. Utilising an ergonomic headset, Vasculaze targets the problem blood vessels directly, which drastically improves the safety and comfortability of your patient’s experience compared to other similar treatment methods

Similar to Lumecca, the post-pulse contact cooling is optimised to further ensure the safety of your patients without any compromise on efficiency. 

When it comes to the utilisation of IPL technology in clinics, we know that safety is at the top of every doctor’s list. It is for this reason that Dr M. Gold endorses our Vasculaze technology, stating, “Vasculaze is a safe and effective treatment for clearing up unwanted spider veins and other visible lesions.”


Our breakthrough Lumecca technology utilises IPL to treat a variety of vascular lesions faster than any other IPL. With a large spot size and high pulse repetition rate, Lumecca reduces your patient’s treatment time drastically. The number of required treatments is also reduced due to the concentrated energy the 500-600 nm range facilitates. Specifically, most of your patients will see complete photo rejuvenation in just 1 or 2 treatments; this is compared with standard IPLs, which take 4-6 treatments to garner the same results. 

What’s more, while other technologies compromise on patient comfort in order to increase efficiency, Lumecca maintains peak power whilst still utilising a state-of-the-art sapphire cooling tip to maximise patient comfort and safety.

Which Technology Should I Use?

Both Lumecca and Vasculaze treat facial veins, port wine stains, telangiectasias (truncal and leg) and angiomas and spider angiomas. However, each technology has been expertly designed to target different problem areas and, thus, should be employed accordingly.

Along with the above, Lumecca is best utilised for patients with rosacea, erythema of rosacea, poikiloderma of Civatte, superficial leg veins and venous malformations.

Contrastingly, Vasculaze has been developed to heal and alleviate prominent veins by precisely targeting the pressure points of the vein network to treat the blemish. As a result, along with the above, Vasculaze is best utilised for vascular issues on legs, arms, upper thighs, back of thighs and lower legs. Bear in mind that Vasculaze cannot treat varicose veins.

Contact InMode to Learn More About Vascular Lesions Removal

While others compromise on efficiency for safety, or vice versa, InMode is constantly developing and advancing our technology to optimise energy efficiency and skin cooling mechanisms. Our commitment to efficient and safe IPL technology means your patients will not only leave your clinic with the best results possible but will also feel comfortable during treatment, knowing they are in safe hands.

Patients wishing to undergo vascular lesion removal should consult the ‘Find a Provider’ section on our website. For clinicians who have further questions or want to learn more about adding InMode technology to their equipment portfolio, please contact our team today.

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