How to Submit Your B&A's and Case Studies to Win

Do you have some fantastic Before & After shots of patients, following their InMode treatment(s) at your clinic?

Do you want to be awarded for your fantastic treatment results and case studies?

Let's get started!

When submitting your images, please ensure:

  • You have permission to take a picture of the client and share for approval once captured. Provide a signed consent form for the use of picture/videos for marketing purposes.
  • Well lit, clear with consistent and clean backgrounds.
  • Specify indication of treatment area.
  • Capture the full face clearly at a variety of angles if documenting a skin treatment. Follow same angles every time you take an after picture.
  • Capture the full body clearly at a variety of angles if documenting a body treatment. Record the areas that are being treated, for instance: abdomen, arms, thighs.
  • Keep a record of the time period between each appointment - E.g. 3 weeks post 1Tx. Keep a record of when the last photo’s were taken - 6 weeks post 2Tx.
  • The pictures are in High Resolution so we can use it for printed materials like patient brochures, banners, magazines, etc..
  • Send your treating practitioner/clinician’s name and clinic's name.
  • Submit the pictures along with a message mentioning we have permissions to use them.


If submitting a Case Study, we required you to fill out the form below and attach a PDF or Word document with the description of the study. See Case Study template here.

You're welcome to submit as many B&A’s and Case Studies you like. If you don't have any suitable images just yet, there's plenty of time to get snapping!

For any questions or concerns please contact us at


Sample of a good B&A