B&As Submission Program

How to submit your Before and After (B&A) pictures

Do you have some fantastic B&A’s shots of patients, following their InMode treatment(s) at your clinic?

We'd love to see them and consider them for use in our marketing/educational materials. Usage will include credit and promotion of your clinic.

When submitting your images, please ensure:

  • You have permission to take a picture of the client and share for approval once captured. You can ask them to sign off a consent form for the use of picture/videos for marketing purposes.
  • Well lit, clear with consistent and clean backgrounds.
  • Specify indication of treatment area.
  • Capture the full face clearly at a variety of angles if documenting a skin treatment. Follow same angles every time you take an after picture.
  • Capture the full body clearly at a variety of angles if documenting a body treatment. Record the areas that are being treated, for instance: abdomen, arms, thighs.
  • Keep a record of the time period between each appointment - E.g. 3 weeks post 1Tx. Keep a record of when the last photo’s were taken - 6 weeks post 2Tx.
  • The pictures are in High Resolution so we can use it for printed materials like patient brochures, banners, magazines, etc..
  • Send your treating practitioner/clinician’s name and clinic's name.
  • Submit the pictures along with a message mentioning we have permissions to use them.

You're welcome to submit as many B&A’s you like. If you don't have any suitable images just yet, there's plenty of time to get snapping!

For any questions or concerns please contact us at info@inmode.com.au

B&A Submission Form