Hands-free face skin tightening

What is Evoke?

Evoke is the revolutionary, unique non-invasive, hands-free facial remodelling device. Evoke enables your practice to provide patients with the latest non-surgical innovation for addressing patient demands for facial remodelling

Evoke maximises patient results and provides your practice with the highest quality of aesthetic facial remodelling treatments available.

The hands-free design and programable technology enable your practice to reallocate physician and clinician time to other patients and treatments while Evoke is in use.

Evoke’s radiofrequency energy remodels the cheeks, jowls, chin, and jawline

  • No Consumables
  • Built-in audible indicators sound when each applicator reaches the optimal temperature, providing patients with updates on their treatment progress.
  • Evoke is designed with a patient call button to allow clients to easily pause their treatment and have clinic staff make adjustments if required.
  • Evoke’s treatment screen enables operators to visually monitor the thermal effect of each applicator at any point during the procedure.
  • Evoke’s colour-blind RF technology ensures it can effectively be used on all skin types.
  • High ROI.
  • Hands-free capability to maximise operator time.

What is remodelling?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the definition of remodelling is to alter the structure; to cause living tissue to undergo structural reorganisation, alteration, or renewal.

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