We Look Forward To Seeing You This Sunday, October 16th!

Inspire With InMode will be begin at 8.30am sharp

Please arrive from 7.45am for registration and breakfast

Parking at The Star

Cost of $25.00 per vehicle – guests pay upon departure
*Please keep your original parking ticket. Discounted parking tickets will be handed to guests at registration.
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Getting to The Star

​​​​​By car
The main access roads to The Star and car park, are Pyrmont Street and Pirrama Road.

From Pirrama Rd Entrance
1.Take the lift up to Ground level, with Black Bar & Grill to your right.
2.Walk straight and veer to the left aisle under the large white stair case, and turn left once you are under the stairs for the lift.
3.Once inside the lift, select Level 3 for the Event Centre.



OCTOBER 16th | 8.30AM - 4PM
Networking & Multiple Live Demo's

Join your peers and fellow industry professionals for an educational experience like no other with world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Stephen Mulholland.

After years of learning and advancing through the aesthetic industry, Dr Mulholland has mastered the growth of his business and industry. His insights are offered worldwide to give physicians and industry professionals a detailed and integrative approach of the aesthetics industry from non-invasive to minimally invasive and single session treatments to combination protocols. Dr Mulholland has mastered it all and wants to help you do the same. Join us for a motivational interactive one-day workshop showing you the newest and most advanced innovations for aesthetics and anti-aging technologies and learn how to invigorate and grow your existing practice to it's full potential.

09.00am - MINIMALLY-INVASIVE FACE REMODELLING Demonstration: Dr Scott Ellis, EmbraceRF – AccuTite with Morpheus8

EmbraceRF is the perfect answer for patients where non-invasive treatments aren’t strong enough, and who are not yet ready for a facelift, but still want optimal outcomes. Dr Mulholland will provide an in-depth discussion on using InMode’s innovative concept of facial rejuvenation to addresses skin laxity for the lower face to augment the jaw line and rejuvenate the neck.

10.50am - HANDS-FREE FACE & BODY REMODELLING Demonstration: EvolveX with Morpheus8 Body + Evoke

Master how to incorporate InMode's ultimate hands-free face and body remodelling devices EvolveX and Evoke to provide your patients with the latest non-surgical alternatives to remodel skin, treat fat, and sculpt their face and body.

1.00pm – NON-INVASIVE SKIN REJUVENATION & TIGHTENING Demonstration: Lumecca, Morpheus8, Forma, MiniFX + Diolaze

Learn how to provide your patients the very best results through non-invasive procedures to maximise your aesthetics solutions. InMode have been revolutionising the medical aesthetic industry with state-of-the-art, Radio Frequency (RF), light and laser solutions via a suite of technologies that enable you to offer a wide variety of procedures from one efficient platform, InMode Pro/Optimas, and thus provide you with multiple revenue streams.


Incorporating new medical technologies that suit your client needs is an important step in growing and mastering your business. Learn about the newest innovations for women's health with EmpowerRF, a comprehensive non-surgical platform delivering life-changing treatments to address a broad range of feminine conditions including symptoms of stress, urge and/or mixed incontinence in conjunction with Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause.


Who is Dr Stephen Mulholland?

Dr. Stephen Mulholland began his career as a consultant for St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, where he worked on reconstruction of faces and necks where tumors were removed.

Later, he founded SpaMedica, an aesthetic plastic surgery center located in Toronto, in 1997. SpaMedica soon became Canada’s largest private Laser Skin Center, with well over 50 innovative, non-invasive laser and energy-based devices.

Dr. Mulholland’s unmatched attention to detail and pioneering techniques have made him highly regarded amongst both peers and patients. He is one of the highest-rated plastic surgeons in Canada on RealSelf and RateMDs, with many positive reviews, including those from talk show hosts Marilyn Denis, Lisa Rogers and Moe Kelso.

He is considered an expert in plastic surgery and has also been called on to testify in disciplinary hearings involving botched procedures.

Find out more on his website