Internal and External Radiofrequency Assisted Lipo-Coagulation (RFAL) in the Control of Soft Tissue Contraction during Liposuction: Part 2 “Outside In” RFAL Thermal Tissue Tightening

The new Morpheus8 is a novel external RFAL device that uses the proven soft
tissue contraction of BodyTite in an external, non-invasive procedure. This external RF applicator, which is also powered by BodyTite, inserts up to 40 positively charged, coated electrodes 8 mm into the subcutaneous, soft tissue envelope. A monopolar ablative lesion is generated from the tip of the electrode, stimulating contraction of the FSN and adipose coagulation. The RF then flows up to the distant negative, return electrodes on the surface of the skin, providing a non ablative thermal stimulation to the papillary dermis. The “burst” feature of the Morpheus8, delivers simultaneous multiple levels of internal coagulation in a single one second pulse, amplifying the adipose ablation and contraction effect. Studies, show, that the combination of BodyTite internal thermal coagulation and external Morpheus8 at the time of liposuction can result in 60–70% area skin contraction, greatly improving the soft tissue contours and Body shaping outcomes following lipocontouring procedures.

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