InMode In The Press: Make the Most of Your Lunch Break with Morpheus8

InMode In The Press: Make the Most of Your Lunch Break with Morpheus8

The journey to youthful and rejuvenated skin doesn’t have to be difficult. With revolutions in skincare technology, people are increasingly turning to face toning treatments that offer impressive results with minimal downtime. 

For many, traditional facelifts or lengthy skincare routines had been the norm. Facelifts mean you have to go under the knife, which comes with its own set of possible complications and lengthy downtimes. Those who take the skincare route know how time-consuming and expensive a routine can be, with very little guarantee of lasting results. 

But advancements in technology have paved the way for a new wave of minimally invasive alternatives with fewer side effects and lesser downtime. More people are embracing minimal or non-invasive treatments over traditional facelifts. And the best part: these procedures are so quick and so easy! 

Recently, Morpheus8 was featured in Marie Claire in an article about skin treatments to get done during your lunch break. Marie Claire says that “Eva Longoria is a devotee” and you can opt for Morpheus8 if you’re looking for a bespoke treatment that gets you back to work the next day! 

The revolutionary technology of Morpheus8 is recognised both in Australia and overseas. Even Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson are fans.

Morpheus8: The Swift Solution to Skin Revitalisation

Morpheus8 stands out as a cutting-edge development in the realm of skin treatments, seamlessly merging fractional RF microneedling technology to promise impeccable results for skin toning and texture improvement. Specifically designed for facial, neck, and bodily applications, its gold-coated microneedles instigate collagen production. Through a triple action mechanism – skin ablation, fat coagulation, and volumetric heating – it facilitates skin tissue remodelling, enhancing its texture and firming its contours. This proves beneficial, particularly for facial and neck regions, which, due to ageing, can sag or have a diminished texture. 

After undergoing Morpheus8, patients have experienced skin that's not just tighter and smoother but also looks refreshingly younger and retains a natural appearance. A notable feature is its adaptability: beyond facial applications, it can be calibrated to address broader tissue areas, such as the abdomen. This means individuals can bypass the lengthy recovery typically associated with surgical interventions, thanks to Morpheus8's minimal downtime. This is why we call it our lunchtime procedure. Go in for a quick session and get back to work!

Morpheus8 isn't solely aimed at ageing-related issues. It adeptly tackles a plethora of skin challenges, from wrinkles and fine lines to acne scars, uneven skin tones, and skin laxity. Tailorable to fit each individual's unique needs, it's engineered to be safe for diverse skin types. Another plus point is its RF energy, which minimises the likelihood of post-treatment hyperpigmentation, often associated with other skin resurfacing procedures.

Just like Hollywood, Australia is embracing the many benefits of Morpheus8. Non-surgical safety, coupled with speedy recovery times and organic-looking results is driving its popularity.

For those keen to learn more about Morpheus8 or for professionals who want to add it to their clinic, get in touch with the InMode team. For those seeking treatment, you can find a provider close to you.

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