InMode In The Press: Stay in Shape with Eva Longoria and InMode

InMode In The Press: Stay in Shape with Eva Longoria and InMode

Actress, producer, and director Eva Longoria recently spoke to POPSUGAR Australia about her not-so-secret ingredient to looking and feeling good — InMode’s innovative technology.

In an industry known for its obsession with secrecy, Longoria openly shares with her fans the tremendous difference that InMode technology has made as she prepares to return to the red carpet following the birth of her son.

As an InMode brand ambassador, Longoria is a fan of two devices in particular: EvolveX and Morpheus8.

EvolveX — Hands-Free Total Body Tissue, Fat Reduction and Muscle Transforming Treatment

Remodelling and sculpting are two words that are often associated with invasive treatment. While this may have been the case in years gone by, InMode has changed the game with EvolveX, a hands-free, all-in-one body contouring machine designed to reduce fat and transform muscle with minimal downtime.

Equipped with multiple clinically proven technologies, including Tite (Bipolar RF), Tone (EMS) and Transform (Bipolar RF and EMS), EvolveX delivers everything from skin tightening to muscle enlargement.

In the words of Longoria

For me specifically, it was about waking up the collagen stimulation in my stomach, so getting that extra kick that it needed. With Evolve X, which contracts your muscles, it felt like I did a thousand crunches,” she says. “You can do that same treatment on your face. It really remodels your skin.

Morpheus8 — The Deepest Fractional RF Microneedling Technology

As we get older, the body begins to produce less collagen, which leads to the fine lines and wrinkles we so often associate with the ageing process.

As a microneedling machine, Morpheus8 has revolutionised how to approach ageing. By targeting tissue at three levels, this deep fractional RF microneedling treatment reduces treatment times, minimises skin injury, increases treatment uniformity, and enables customised full-body fractional procedures.

As Longoria puts it:

It’s like the mother of all treatments because it’s radio frequency and microneedling and it really targets a deeper layer to remodel collagen,” she says. “I really feel more radiant when I do that treatment. There’s no downtime, it’s not invasive. It’s a really quick procedure. You’re in and out with a lot of time to spare.

EvolveX and Morpheus8 are only two of the many machines and platforms available at InMode. For guidance and advice on offering InMode technology at your clinic, contact our team today.

For additional information on Longoria’s role as an InMode ambassador and the treatments she can’t live without, check out the full article at POPSUGAR Australia

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