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A Doctor's Choice - Lumecca as the Revolutionary Solution to IPL Skin Rejuvenation

A Doctor's Choice - Lumecca as the Revolutionary Solution to IPL Skin Rejuvenation

As the aesthetics industry starts to settle back into a new norm of functioning and patients are looking to treat concerns that might have gone unnoticed before long days at home or may have developed during the stressful period of isolation, it’s essential that your clinic is offering technologies that provide results that reach a client’s expectation and satisfaction and keeps customer leads walking through the door. At InMode we’re always striving to provide innovative solutions that meet the demands of our patients.

InMode offers a revolutionary solution to IPL skin rejuvenation with the innovative Lumecca technology. Harnessing breakthrough IPL that delivers up to three times more energy in the 500-600nm range, Lumecca effectively treats benign pigmented epidermal lesions, including dyschromia, hyperpigmentation, and freckles. With the power of Lumecca you could offer complete photo rejuvenation in 1 or 2 treatments for most patients vs. the 4-6 treatments with standard IPL’s.

Dr Bruce Williamson from SkinSmart Medical Services in Sydney recently shared why InMode’s Lumecca is the best IPL machine he’s ever had. Dr Bruce Williamson has worked in Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Medicine for over 20 years. After growing up on the Northern Beaches and no stranger to sun exposure himself, Dr Williamson developed an interest in the use of lasers and energy-based systems for skin rejuvenation. He opened SkinSmart in 2014, where he offers a range of non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments and promises personalised service to deliver excellent results. 

Why do you love the Lumecca technology so much?

“First off it’s a part of an InMode device, it’s an add on to a platform that can also provide RF micro needling, bulk heating and various other modalities, making quite a versatile piece of equipment. However, the Lumecca as an IPL, I have had three other IPL devices in my clinic previously and this is far and away the best machine I’ve ever had. It’s what I tell my patients IPL always should have always been, but never quite was with the previous machines I’ve had.”

What does this mean for your patients?

“From a practical point of view, what it means for patients is that when they ask me how many treatments it’s going to take, I used to say 3-5 treatments with IPL and now I say 1-3. You get such great pick up in the pigment with this [Lumecca] that you get an excellent result in as little as 2-3 treatments.

Who can benefit from Lumecca?

“Lumecca has two filters, it has a 515nm standard head which I use on most of my patients, but it also has a 580nm cut off filter which you can use on quite dark skins and we’ve seen great success with that.”       

What makes Lumecca so unique?

“The Lumecca has been optimised to the energies in the visible spectrum so that there’s a great pick up in the redness we’re trying to treat but a lot less of the bulk heating, therefore the total power you need to use is less and the discomfort for the patient is less and there’s less swelling and redness afterwards and your patients recover more quickly. The other thing [InMode] have done with Lumecca is they’ve made the pulses very short and the short pulses enable you to select out pigmented more easily and basically infer less general heating to the skin. For both of those reason it’s a very comfortable, very effective IPL.”

How have you integrated Lumecca into your clinic?

“It’s a complexion treatment rather than a resurfacing or texture treatment, it’s great for evening out the sun damage marks, the brown discolouration and redness. We do a lot of combination treatments with the Lumecca where we’ll do Lumecca first and then we’ll do an RF Micro-needling treatment after to treat both the pigment and the skin texture.”

To listen to the full interview with Plastic Surgery Hub and Dr Bruce Williamson from Skin Smart Clinic in Sydney, click here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the powerful capabilities of InMode’s Lumecca, contact us now

Image credit: Plastic Surgery Hub

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