Minimally Invasive Body and Face Contouring

The Experts Forum on Facial Contouring featuring FaceTite

The Experts Forum on Facial Contouring featuring FaceTite

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Plastic Surgeon, Dr Pier Paolo Rovatti has been working as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon since 1986, after graduating in Medicine and Surgery in 1983. Founding Member and Councillor of the Italian Society of Laser Surgery (AICL), Dr Rovatti was also the Vice President of the Italian Antiaging Medical Association until 2011. Dr Rovatti’s satisfaction come from a patient looking in the mirror and finally seeing their true self.

Having participated in numerous national and international conferences as a speaker, taught courses and masters in Aesthetic Surgery and is the author of numerous scientific publications in both, national and international journals, Dr Rovatti offers years of knowledge, experience and insight into the world of aesthetics. He has made the results of his superior credentials accessible through InMode’s educational platform.

Dr Rovatti offers a webinar on the Experts’ Forum on Facial Contouring. In this virtual training session, Dr Rovatti talks us through a demonstration on how he procures maximal results with AccuTite. He first outlines what concerns and conditions AccuTite is able to target before going on to discuss the innovations that are responsible for the controlled, efficient and overall successful nature of the device, as he displays his techniques and preferred methods throughout the procedure.

AccuTite is the smallest minimally invasive radio-frequency contraction device on the market. It delivers precision heating to small and delicate areas of the face and body, otherwise hard to reach with traditional devices. Dr Rovatti incorporates his knowledge of plastic surgery, anti-aging aesthetics and laser technologies to deliver unique insight into how, with this device, you are able to elevate your practice with minimally invasive treatments, achieving surgical results. 

Sharpen your skills as you learn from the best with InMode’s option to replay virtual training sessions led by renowned, industry experts. Replay Dr. Pier Paolo Rovatti now.

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