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Dr Talon Maningas on the Science Behind Accutite and Morpheus8

Dr Talon Maningas on the Science Behind Accutite and Morpheus8

During these unconventional times, we have all had to adapt to unique circumstances. InMode has chosen a path of virtual seminars led by experts in the aesthetic, cosmetic and surgical fields to ensure we’re still doing our part to educate and assist you in your endeavour to move forward with your business.

Dr Talon Maningas is one of the great minds taking part in our InMode University Educational Sessions. A triple board-certified surgeon, Dr. Maningas’ runs a very successful practice, exclusively dedicated to aesthetic surgical and non-surgical procedures of the face and body. Passionate about his work and educating other practitioners on the latest trends and techniques of cosmetic surgery, Dr Maningas is a highly sought-after source of knowledge. With a Master’s in Business Administration, he provides a unique perspective and the opportunity to offer effective measures in order to create success.

Operating in a small populated, low-income area of America, Dr Maningas is very particular about the technologies he utilises in his clinic. Impressed with InMode’s innovative approach to radio frequency for skin tightening procedures Dr Maningas claims, “InMode has been able to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies in user-friendly and highly effective devices, like no one else before.”. Dr Maningas is an advocate for Morpheus8 and Accutite technologies, claiming they offer real, reliable and consistent results, “I can always rely on InMode for reproducible results which, in the past, has been difficult to achieve with technologies like this.”. 

In addition to optimising devices that really work, by implementing fail safe methods in order to procure profitable success, Dr Maningas has beat the odds and made a successful business in a place where, on paper, it was not possible.

In his webinar, Dr Maningas outlines the unique nature of both Morpheus8 and Accutite, discussing how they are able to deliver unparalleled results, with efficiency and safety measures never seen before in the field of aesthetic surgical and non-surgical procedures.

He also addresses how adding InMode to his clinic catalogue means he can now approach ageing at every angle, treating a combination of volume decent, tissue textural changes and skin laxity in one procedure.

The extent of Dr Maningas’ insight goes beyond the technology, utilising this educational platform to offer insight into how he, personally, creates and sustains success in his clinic from the decision behind choice of technology, integrating and introducing new procedures, motivating staff and marginalising your competitor. “I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with colleagues in this industry in hopes of giving them a competitive advantage in creating a sustainable business.” – Dr Maningas.

Five key questions with Dr. Maningas:

  1. How did you discover the necessary methods you use to sustain success?

My methods to success were developed over many years, they are a combination of the education I received while obtaining my Masters in Business Administration and through my years of experience running my own private practice. Over time I have learnt what works and doesn’t work for me and I have manipulated the core foundational principles of success to suit based on need and trial and error.

  1. Where do you see the future of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments heading?

I see the future of minimally invasive treatments continuing in a positive trajectory and being sought out more frequently by the aesthetic patient. I think we will look to focus on producing excellent results whilst further decreasing downtime and invasiveness of the procedures. I don't think surgery will ever be obsolete, however, as we progress the role of surgery in aesthetics will continue to shrink with the advent of emerging technologies.

  1. Do you think Morpheus8 eradicates the need for CO2 lasers?

While I think CO2 will always have a place in the industry, my practice has dramatically changed with the release of Morpheus8, particularly due to the Resurfacing Tip. With Morpheus8, I'm able to treat many difficult areas or resistant problems such as perioral rhytids and acne scars. The resurfacing tip is great for tissue texture and fine lines and wrinkles as well. The combination of the two tips is absolutely powerful and allows me to provide a result where I get the benefits of resurfacing, skin/dermal tightening, fat destruction, and collagen remodelling all out of one treatment that as effectively as traditional modalities like CO2 laser with significantly less downtime.

  1. In your opinion, what is it about InMode’s approach to RF that differs from other brands?

In my opinion, what differentiates Inmode from all of the other radio frequency devices and brands out there is the robust research and development the goes into every modality and the built-in safety measures each device possesses. These safety mechanisms are second to none, allowing a practitioner to mitigate complications all while provide aggressive and comprehensive treatments which ultimately yields better results than the other modalities and brands.

  1. What advice might you offer clinic owners in their consideration toward a device with a single focus Vs. a multi technology platform?

If one is looking to leverage well trained staff and maximise income without the time investment from the physician/provider, multi-technology platforms are by far my favourite option as they provide an opportunity to have multiple revenue streams. I’ve always found it’s easier to encourage an existing patient of the practice to do two or three treatments than it is to get two or three new people in the door. Therefore, having a device that can perform multiple functions gives the practice the ability to provide more services to their patients, increasing satisfaction and revenue, it’s a win-win. 

With InMode’s option to replay live webinars you can now access innovation with InMode anytime, anywhere. Expand your knowledge and optimise your business – replay Dr Talon Maningas now.

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