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Diolaze XL

Ultra Fast Diode Hair Removal Featuring Simultaneous 3PC

What is Diolaze XL

A laser hair removal solution offering peak power with optimal speed. Designed with state-of-the-art diode lasers, the DiolazeXL offers patients the most effective hair removal treatment.

  • Most popular laser wavelength 810 nm Diode
  • Extremely fast treatment time – Treat a full set of legs in 20 - 30 minutes
  • Strongest cooling provides highest comfort
  • Can be optimised for all skin types
  • 'Glide' mode significantly accelerates treatment time

How It Works

Clinical Studies

Download our clinical papers for DiolazeXL below.

Clinical Study

One‐year follow‐up results of hair removal using an 810 nm diode laser

Laser hair removal is a common light‐based aesthetic procedure.Diode lasers and specifically the long‐pulse diode laser 810 nm are the most popularpreference for hair removal due to the deep penetration and targeting of the hairfollicle. In a recently published article, we presented our hair removal clinical evalua-tion results using an 810 nm scanning diode laser. Three‐and six‐month follow‐uphair counts demonstrated an average hair reduction of about 70%.

Clinical Study

Clinical Evaluation of Hair Removal Using an 810 nm Diode Laser With a Novel Scanning Device

Diode lasers are often considered as the gold standard preference for hair removal due to the deep penetration and ef-fective targeting of the hair follicle. A wide variety of diode lasers are available, which can differ in terms of their parameters (such as fluence, pulse duration, repetition rate, scanner, and cooling).


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