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Ready for the Holidays? Here’s our list of stocking fillers to include in your clinic:

Ready for the Holidays? Here’s our list of stocking fillers  to include in your clinic:

Want to include beauty gift vouchers in your clinics this season?  

At InMode, we know getting treatments using state of the art technology can be a costly matter for clients, so why not turn some of those treatments into gifts for their loved ones this season? This season is all about giving, and these gift ideas are great to push as stocking fillers for clients and their loved ones. 

Below we have listed three treatments that we think everyone would love in their stockings this Christmas, that are sure to last all year long as gift ideas. 

For beauty clinics, we recommend pushing these treatments as gift vouchers: 

Forma, the celebrity facelift everyone is talking about! 

Have you heard of the non-invasive facelift everyone is talking about? The benefits from Forma are fantastic and having a treatment like this in your clinic is essential for those wishing to stay away from the more invasive surgical procedures whilst still getting a lot of the benefits. This treatment is best in 3 or more sittings and takes only 30 minutes, meaning it can be a lunchtime procedure with no downtime. 

Lumecca, away with pigmentation and freckles! 

Sun be gone. Lumecca is great for the coming autumn months after Christmas dies down and you want a gift that will leave clients happy with a more even skin tone and less pigmentation. 

Pigmentation and sun discoloration treatments are more popular than ever with clients wishing for flawless skin and with the Australian sun always above us, there’s no doubt this treatment is great for your clinic and your clients. This is a great treatment to include in packages now for clients to use in the cooler months. 

Diolaze, rid yourself of pesky hair forever! 

 There’s nothing like laser hair removal to permanently rid yourself of pesky hair. As many of us know, laser hair removal, depending on the region of the body, should be done in the less sunny months to stop exposure to sensitive skin. However, there are still areas of the body that can be done all year round that aren’t exposed to the sun and as this is not a costly treatment, it works wonders as a gift voucher in someone’s stocking. 

For more questions on what treatments are best suited in your clinic, contact us here! 


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