Why treatments don’t stop in winter

Picture of woman in snow

What about my face in winter? 

Shifting from summer to winter can dramatically impact the skin in how it looks and feels. With these colder months, the change in humidity and temperature can leave our skin more vulnerable. Most of us notice a distinct change in our facial skin, with more breakouts and a skin care routine that needs to be updated to reflect the cold better. 

With winter,  our skin produces less oil, leaving us more susceptible to abnormal dryness. We also attempt to stay warm with long, hot showers and internal heating, this takes the moisture from our bodies, leaving us with dry, itchy cracked skin. As we age, this problem grows and we begin to lose oil-producing sebaceous glands and our skin becomes less able to hold its moisture.

At InMode, we highly recommend Lumecca as a winter treatment for the face, as it can reduce vascular lesions, hyperpigmentation and freckles, among other imperfections of the skin. It operates on high efficiency with peak power and optimised output. Compared to standard IPL’s, Lumecca is better for clients as it offers a complete photo rejuvenation treatment in 1 to 2 treatments compared to an average 4-6 with other standard IPL’s. Thanks to its large spot size and high repetition rate it also reduced treatment time for patients in the long run. 


Pigmentation refers to discoloration on the skin that is darker than your natural skin pigment, and can be caused by a number of factors, including sun exposure, hormonal changes and ageing. With Lumecca treatments, in just 1 to 2 treatments you can achieve a complete photo rejuvenation. Helping to tone out complexion, Lumecca is a great treatment to reset the skin during winter. 

What about my body in winter? 

Skin darkened by the sun is not a good candidate for skin treatments as the laser applies heat or light energy targeting critical areas and stimulates new cell production. Skin that is not suntanned is better for the laser to detect colour contrast. The best time to have laser treatments is during the mid to late winter when summer tans are faded and the skin has paled. 

Body laser treatments often produce dramatic results, though at first they can leave your skin feeling very sensitive, pink and irritated. Sun exposure can have a negative effect on laser treatments in the before and after stage for skin. That’s why winter is the perfect time for these treatments as there is less sun exposure and less risk of damage from UV rays. DiolazeXL offers the most effective hair removal treatment for patients using state-of-the-art diode lasers.  With its fast treatment time and strong cooling for optimum comfort, laser treatments have never been easier in winter. What’s more, it’s perfect for all skin types. 


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